Jan 29, 2010

Princeton Design Guild's Contemporary Craftsman

Here is one of Princeton Design Guild's latest projects which is really a contemporary craftsman. It was started in October of 2008 and will be heading towards completion in the next two months. As the interior comes together I will be sharing with you a stunning fireplace made out of bluestone, granite, and brownstone all from Pennsylvania.  Kevin decided on windows here in the back of the house,  which is the southern exposure that act as windows and sliding doors. Windows are from Canada by a company known as Loewen. Patio is unique and laid in Indian sandstone. There are many types of wood in this project from white ash with a vertical grain, white oak, douglas fir also with a vertical grain, curly ash, and avodire wood.  Imagine pictures of all of this. I really appreciate the stately copper gutters done by Ed Moyer of Princeton. I am sure you will too.
The house graces an avenue in Princeton that is lined with homes from the twenties. It is a real Arts and Crafts neighborhood so this is a welcome addition to what is already there. The home sits on part of the original foundation that was shabby and was in need of a total redo. The exterior paint color reminds me of a Roycroft arts and craft period palette. Really a perfect fit for the neighborhood. The front of the house is still coming together so we will wait until it is done to show it off. Within the three levels of the house, the first floor feels open yet very gracious. The second floor will be an entire master suite and the third floor has a guest room and party loft.  It is will be worth the wait.

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  1. Very handsome and well done! Clean and simple... you are right about the gutters... nice!