Jan 12, 2010

Local Princeton Artisan "Upcycles" Cedar Wood

What would  you think if an artist sculptor came to you and unloaded a bunch of wood you wanted off site?  Well that is exactly what Jonathan Shor did in Princeton!  Now if you saw what he did with it you might just rethink letting this reclaimed wood go.  Jonathan Shor did another "upcycle" move.  He took old cedar wood from a tear down in Princeton. The color has a depth and I love the width of the boards for this application. It  was still stunning and he turned it horizontal to make a true design element that gives purpose,  privacy, style and a richness that we all love in cedar.

Think of taking every artful opportunity your property has to offer.   It will give you lasting pleasure and add value.  I want to soften the fence just  a bit with some ground cover epidmedium or esarum wild european ginger or maybe even a climbing hydrandea. He already has some lovely old azaleas along some of this fence.

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  1. I love this fence, yes some ground cover would would great.