Jan 10, 2010

Local Princeton Artisan "Upcycles" Wood Fence

Have you ever wondered what you should do with old fence lumber that just doesn't meet your needs anymore? How about having a local Princeton artisan like Jonathan Shor "upcycle" it for you? He turned these boards inside out and literally built a garden folly structure! In these times when we are all trying to be conscious about the decisions we make for our properties wouldn't you feel super to pay less in materials while at the same time adding value to them?
This structure has a modern vibe with "rustic re-use" energy and as a garden designer myself, I love it! I am going to try and talk Jonathan Shor into espaliering a tree on the side of this structure. Perhaps a redbud or a favored apple tree? This saves on space not available and will bring some green to this folly! Can't you imagine using this for garden tools, artistic endeavors, or a bit of solitude in downtown Princeton?! I bet children would love to use the second floor as their loft. A bit of "downtown" in our ever growing Princeton.


  1. I don't any child who would not love this.. am I considered a child? lol

  2. I kind of want to spruce up my wood fence in Naples FL. Either that or get an entirely new one.