Nov 6, 2010

Autumn Camillia Long Island Pink

I wanted to share the Camillia that is having its first bloom session since I planted it this spring.  It is fun to have something like this blooming now.  This plant is just getting started now with many buds to open and this shrub is begging to be espaliered. Long Island Pink Camillia is lovely for this Nantucket Grey Garden shed.  They love some shade and indirect light and just when you think Jack Frost has nipped everything here is a surprise in the garden.

Nov 3, 2010

Marble Slab for Bathroom in the Hopewell Carriage House

I thought I would share with you what the marble slab that will go upstairs looks like.  This piece was a remnant. I had it honed because I prefer that appearance and it will be more forgiving with etching down the road. People are a little scared of marble. I don't know why.  Perhaps a little more care that something else but if you love it, you will want to take care of it! This is another piece of Calacatta Gold Extra.
The cabinet will be deeper and top will be a 27 and half inch width.  Ceilings are too low for anything other than an undermount sink.  It is kind of nice to do these projects piece by piece.  Nothing is a rush job and it allows me to be my precise self!  It is in Princeton Design Guilds hands now to complete custom cabinetry.  This furniture piece will be off the ground but it will have a back splash also of the marble which is three inches.