Sep 30, 2009

Wee Patio and Path to the Carriage House

Sometimes the best laid plans need to be pulled up and relaid. This fall, I had my landscape crew regrade the patio and all walkways. I integrated a couple of bits of solid bluestone at each landing. We left all of the beautiful old moss on some of the brick and installed my sundial as a focal point in the garden. True English boxwood stand as lovely anchors in the perennial beds. Everything else had gone to hibernate over the winter, but I will share photos in a future spring post when the plants come back to life. Ivy is spilling over a most unusual wall made out of telephone poles from the fifties. It is a bit quirky, but it works as an original fence between neighbors.

What makes an outside patio in a small lot so vital is that it continues a very social element for a small town feel.  To live on a Main Street one mingles with the sound of the trucks, a few proud sirens from the fire engines and the romantic whistle of the freight train.  I have to say, all of it binds me to this Hopewell village.