Jul 27, 2010

Thuya Garden Northeast Harbor Maine

I have been off the map for a while.  It has been hotter than the hinges of he** in Central New Jersey. We have had 35 days of oppressive heat. Even with all of the natives that I have planted I have been watering every day.  So off I traveled to my most favorite garden much further north in Maine on Mount Desert Island.
Thuya Garden is about as inspiring as it gets for me. They are committed to organic horticultural practices.  They exclude the use of pesticides and herbicides.  All chemical fertilizers are strictly limited.
This a garden that must be visited more than once.  It is to be enjoyed in the sunshine or with the fog rolling in over the harbor with a view of the sailboats below.

The borders are lined with stones and conifer garden is lush on a rainy day.  The garden stands on its own merit.  Nothing is flashy here. No overdone hardscaping.  Here is it all about the plants.

Even with this beautiful bench it about the stunning moss that drapes this functional structure that now becomes a piece of living art.