Jan 5, 2011

Edible Jersey Magazine and the 3 R's Reduse, Reuse, Recycle

 I was so pleased to be browsing Edible Jersey's Winter Issue and to find the article "Green Heart" by Heather Jones.  I discovered that I  was in the midst of a new trend in the kitchen.  I feel as if I could have written this article because it is exactly how I approached renovating my carriage house kitchen. View her article on page 46. Some of the commalitities I found were as follows....

 I  reused existing cabinetry, replaced some trim, and added quality custom cabinetry with PDG who is local.
          I upgraded the hardware to higher quality hardware.

        We both replaced old inefficient appliances with new energy-effecient models. I chose a  Miele dishwasher to conserve water. I downsized to a smaller refridgerator to conserve energy.  Heather and I  choose the  same oven, GE Cafe which has two ovens in it and it is  better priced than a Wolf oven.
We both replaced the sink and faucet. I chose a Rohl Sink and Perrins and Rowe British fixtures for enduring love and quality. I replaced my countertop and backsplash with luxurious Calacutta Extra Gold Marble.

I admit I am a bit of a fresh food aficionado.  I love to eat organic food that is in season. This has been a personal trend for me for over twenty five years.  I am thrilled that so many of us are pursuing this trend and are looking towards a  more sustainable direction for our planet.   I am proud to say that most days my daughter is able to visit the lovely pigs at Double Brook Farm (view on page 18 of Edible Jersey). It  is  stunning to see these pigs live a life in the shade of trees with a forest to forage.  I think it is important to remember that when you are choosing a home, you are choosing a lifestyle that hopefully jibes with your values.   Hopewell allows us the joy of country living with farmers that are commited to sustainability, and spirituality for their animals,  and a strong splash of small town living.