Dec 6, 2012

Double Brook Farm and Thanksgiving

One of the most exciting things about Thanksgiving in Hopewell Borough is the Farm to Table Movement that is becoming so mainstream.  Imagine the spiritual connection we feel,  knowing that we have walked amongst this year's turkeys on the farm. My daughter loves connecting with the livestock and crops that are growing here.  I have to say as  local realtor with CallawayHenderson Sotheby's and Waldorf School of Princeton parent,  it is something I am proud to share about what is happening in our walkable Borough.

Fiona and I ordered our Red Bourbon Heritage Turkey and brined it before our relatives arrived from Western New England.  We also picked up our winter greens, eggs, coffee made special for Double Brook from Small World Coffee, and delightful cheeses and fresh sausage for my Grand Marnier stuffing. We have a ham ordered for Christmas and watched the beautiful pigs grow fast and live on the open land.
It was lovely to connect with Mr. Lemmerling from the old Bon Appetit  who will be running the cheese section for Double Brook!
I have to say the Greek yogurt that they are making is out of this WORLD!  I am drizzling some local Sourland Mountain honey on it and Double Brook's own granola. I am comparing this yogurt to biodynamic yogurt made in PA and I pick this!! This is also the best granola I have ever had. Fiona agrees.  
The local foodie is going to be able to walk to the  new local market in the  historic brick Chevrolet building that is being converted by Double Brook Farm known as Brick Farm Market.  As Fiona graduates from the Waldorf School of Princeton as an eighth grader this year, it is wonderful for us to continue to meet like minded neighbors in the village that care about how animals are cared for, and where our food comes from and farmers that care deeply for our Hopewell Valley.

Aug 24, 2012

Late Summer Containers and Imported Italian Pots and Furniture

 Check out the wet laid patio that was installed last spring.  After that phase of the project was completed, the architect'/builder PDG and I helped client pick out stunning Italian outside furniture. We partner with Tuscan Hills.  I really love putting the finishing touches on outside projects for clients.  Container plantings are three dimensional for a hardscape.  I change these displays out for a client three to four times during the year. Some installations are complete do overs and sometimes I amend from the last season.

Jun 30, 2012

Princeton Container Pots for Pools and Patios

Since it is super hot here in Princeton  I thought I would share one of my clients container pots and pool.   Around this property I design eight containers that change with the seasons.  I stick to water plants and succulents and some annuals for continuing color.  It feels refreshing to have plants at eye level with stepping down into a private pool. It really makes your home feel like a resort in many ways.

Apr 29, 2012

Hopewell Carriage House Window Boxes filled with Cottage Classics

I don't know what happened to me this spring but I am all about pink with my grey cedar shake nest. As a woman that loves songbirds nothing pleases me more than a nest from a bird already used and ready for some recyling.  I will add some blues to this arrangment but it's still too darn early! Right around Mother's Day is frost safe.

I have weeded, trenched, fertilized and pruned and now it's just that time to fill the window boxes and containers.  For my clients I am sticking to early spring arrangement that are safe from frost right now.
Who loves lush hostas but not that fact that they are deer candy..Solution is what I do for my clients and myself.  Pick varieties that are small to dwarf and put them in pots where you can pick and change locations.  I am going to show you mine this week that are all lined up in pots!

Mar 24, 2012

English Daisies Bellis Perennis Blooming at the Hopewell Carriage House

Spring is showing up early though we are still in frost danger until the end of April towards the beginning of May. I have a real mainstay blooming now which is the English Daisy. It is a strong landscape performer and produces masses of large double flowers which are perfect for borders or rock gardens. They are lovely with early spring bulbs and easy to grow but prefer well drained soil.   Dead head them to prevent self seeding.
 Also your helleborus should be in full bloom and most started activity in February!  I love these for a garden. No worries, no fungus, no predators! No slugs and no deer! Only thing that they have going against them is that they are rather expensive in the perennial world.  I have a coveted pale yellow speciman and white and pink varieties. Most of mine are doubles which is peculiar for me considering I prefer the non fuss of a single bloom in most plants.