Mar 24, 2012

English Daisies Bellis Perennis Blooming at the Hopewell Carriage House

Spring is showing up early though we are still in frost danger until the end of April towards the beginning of May. I have a real mainstay blooming now which is the English Daisy. It is a strong landscape performer and produces masses of large double flowers which are perfect for borders or rock gardens. They are lovely with early spring bulbs and easy to grow but prefer well drained soil.   Dead head them to prevent self seeding.
 Also your helleborus should be in full bloom and most started activity in February!  I love these for a garden. No worries, no fungus, no predators! No slugs and no deer! Only thing that they have going against them is that they are rather expensive in the perennial world.  I have a coveted pale yellow speciman and white and pink varieties. Most of mine are doubles which is peculiar for me considering I prefer the non fuss of a single bloom in most plants.

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