Apr 29, 2012

Hopewell Carriage House Window Boxes filled with Cottage Classics

I don't know what happened to me this spring but I am all about pink with my grey cedar shake nest. As a woman that loves songbirds nothing pleases me more than a nest from a bird already used and ready for some recyling.  I will add some blues to this arrangment but it's still too darn early! Right around Mother's Day is frost safe.

I have weeded, trenched, fertilized and pruned and now it's just that time to fill the window boxes and containers.  For my clients I am sticking to early spring arrangement that are safe from frost right now.
Who loves lush hostas but not that fact that they are deer candy..Solution is what I do for my clients and myself.  Pick varieties that are small to dwarf and put them in pots where you can pick and change locations.  I am going to show you mine this week that are all lined up in pots!


  1. I love window boxes, they make such a difference to the outside of the home. The only problem I find is staying on top of them as being from the UK the flowers sometimes die too quickly due to the rubbish climate and then it's just a box of dead flowers...not so pretty!

  2. True that the beauty of flowers is not long lasting. The same is not true with Artificial plants port Macquarie