Jan 27, 2010

Water Conservation through a Weathered Watering Can

Here is a simple thing we all have on our properties even if we just have only a deck! A watering can left out,  saves on your water bill and is a good conservation step. I happen to leave out a watering can in the back yard for the perennials and one on the sun deck that is meant to tend to my window boxes.  Why not capture a bit of water runoff?
Here are some important things to remember.  Water only once a week and water deeply.   Plant your natives or ask your garden designer to do this for you.  They are easier to take care of and are happy living where they are suppose to! Best to not water at night.  Fungus loves the night. Try to detox yourself from desiring the large lawn that is a chemical lawn.  I got rid of half the lawn that was on this carriage home's property.  And the lawn was tiny to boot.  I can literally cut the grass with a reel mower as in a push mower on this property! Instead I am looking to filling the beds with perennials that will mostly take care of themselves.  They really do take care of themselves.  I don't have to cut them every week. And anyone frugal will be happy to know they grow and grow!  I can't wait to share with you the garden this spring.


  1. what simple yet great points!

  2. I do this too... and must check it in summer to be sure no mosquitos take up residence... that would only happen if we had so much rain I did not need to water. I envy you your reel mower. I need goats for my fields and garden paths. Great advice! ;>) Carol