Jan 18, 2010

Encouraging Slow Food at the Harriet Bryan House Community Garden, Princeton

One of the trends I shared with you for 2010 was how vegetable gardens are being grown by many more of us. A vegetable or herb garden may be as simple as a few plants in containers on your townhouse patio or as organized as fenced in beds at a large home awash with grass. In Princeton this spring, the foundations for a community garden will begin growing on a plot of land next to affordable housing, offering the gift of gardening to its community. Raised beds have been designed to also allow those in wheelchairs the ability to participate more easily. Residents of Elm Court and Harriet Bryan House will be able to grow their own tomatoes and zucchini, and other plans include pumpkins and high bush blueberries.

Gardening within community builds a village in a way that will allow all involved to feel like they matter to the end miracle. A local landscaper and Boy Scout Troup 43 started this process in the cold by cleaning up the area and readying planter beds. It will be fun to watch this project take hold and perhaps even lend a hand.

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