Feb 2, 2010

Sustainable Princeton: Fruit Trees Growing in and around Princeton

I got to thinking this morning about spring and the two apples trees and one pear tree on the carriage homes property! A narrower lot in Hopewell borough there is not and fruit trees abound!  They have been pruned rather horribly over the years but this spring I am going to have an arborist come out and help me tend to them.  They have a fungus/rust that I will want to be nipped in the bud. It doesn't hurt the trees too terribly  but it seems to inhibit the growth of fruit.  I have had the advice to scrap the trees and start fresh but I really like the fact that these trees deliver food to birds and at least one horse in our life. If trees are tended to, perhaps a few pies are to be made also...
I think it really connects my daughter to the earth and reminds her where our fruit comes from.  From this personal effort to connect food to table, it grounds us all.   My daughter is very lucky in that she is able to study gardening, edible landscaping, composting, some tree care and becoming a steward of her environment at The Waldorf School of Princeton.
I will enjoy showing you their garden as spring approaches.
Speaking of edible landscaping, I can't wait to share with you Nomad Pizza's edible landscape in Hopewell Boro.

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