Feb 5, 2010

Sustainable Education at The Waldorf School of Princeton

Today I am visiting my daughter's school, the Waldorf School of Princeton, and I wanted to share their new blog with you. Perhaps you are moving to the area, or are considering a Waldorf school for your child, and would like an insider's perspective on it. I got to thinking more deeply about the school after I read a recent article in the New York Times on February 1, 2010. I found that the Op-Ed piece's thoughts on overhauling our country's curriculum to focus more on how children learn and develop, vs. what we think they should know, harkened to many of the tenets of a Waldorf education.

I am really grateful that my daughter is immersed in an education that develops such a love of learning and appreciation of the natural world. The school is set on 22 acres and surrounded by even more open space which is really such a gem of a spot in and around Princeton.

My daughter's studies this year include an immersion in India, Persia, and Egypt, which provide inspiring links to more traditional studies. For example, a study of the Egyptian pyramids, including a field trip to the Met, lead to their focus on Geometry this year. The children work in a biodynamic garden as an outside classroom. Movement is incorporated in so much of the learning that occurs during the day, and along with intricate handwork, helps develop the brain through knitting, cross stitch, woodworking and sculptural arts. Having been at The Waldorf School since she was two years old, I believe my daughter's education has helped facilitate her care for the environment and her knowledge that she is a steward to the earth, as all of our children are. If you are in the area and considering Waldorf, please get in touch as I would be happy to show you the campus.

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  1. So true that the Waldorf Schools inspire children to learn ... nurture a desire to want to learn. Instilling an appreciation and awe for the natural world is another great aspect of the curriculum. That all children learn to knit and play musical instruments was another plus to me when I sent my son to the Waldorf school near our home. A wonderful education!