Feb 23, 2010

What to Do in Your Princeton Garden Now

This the time to make some lists of plants that you want to focus on this spring.  Are you going to bump up your natives in the garden and add perennials and grasses that work with your gardening zone?  I love to reference 100 Easy to Grow Native Plants by Lorraine Johnson for ideas.  It might be a time to think of plants that you have always wanted to try but have not.  How about some hellebores and some tree peonies?

Read garden blogs and get inspired... Perhaps read some books on some famous gardens.  Great Gardens of America by Tim Richardson is on my wish list. Then think of trips you could take.  How about just over the Delaware River to visit Bowman's Tower and Wildflower Preserve and see their natives, or send your garden designer to get some early this spring.

How about a trip to the Arboretum off of Lovers Lane in Princeton to see of the most spectacular specimen trees in the area?  This preserve is lovely to visit at any time of year and I love it especially now with all of the leaves off of the trees.  The beauty of tree structure is stunning and one can cross country ski now through the woods. What a perfect way to enjoy winter.  And it is not too late to force an amaryllis still...

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  1. You have a great set up for watering your plants here. The rosemary's look happy! Lovely feeling here! ;>)