Feb 15, 2010

A Winter Walk in Hopewell Along the Bedens Brook

The last two storms have presented lovely opportunities to cross country ski behind our home in the Gazebo Park which is preserved open space. As we have walked through the fields and outer woods of this space, we have noticed that the winter song birds have really stripped the berries from the flowering trees and shrubs.

We are able to walk to Beden Brook and share some time with the blue heron that resides there. This beautiful, cherished parcel of 50 acres that abuts the Johnson property of 400 acres is a wonderful gift for Hopewellians to enjoy. It allows those of us that reside here in Hopewell Borough to live in a walkable village and have access to preserved open space shared by all.

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  1. What beautiful shots of the Great Blue Heron! Lovely walk! ;>)