Jun 4, 2010

Late Spring Blooms in the Hopewell Carriage House Garden

It got so bloomin hot in the Princeton Hopewellian area that I did not even show you all a bunch of peonies in bloom.  They came early,  as everything did and left pretty quickly.

The violas are still trying to survive in the heat and are pleased with a little shade. I planted a whole bunch of specimen hostas in containers that I will show hopefully this weekend.  They are only three to four inches apart.  Perfect for container and will weather over.  This is a super way to get your hosta fix if you have deer in your area and then you can keep track of your pots and move them around.
I started some climbing hydrangea on the funky telephone pole fence.  This takes a  while to establish but it is really lovely. English shrub roses I planted as bare roots are sprouting.
Millie my "garden gun dog" is enjoying clients' properties with pools with permission for a dip!


  1. Mmmm... good choice, Jenny. That's a favorite of mine, too, and kind of rare to find. Do you know if the climbers only come in the lace cap variety? I am thinking I have a spot for one of these.

  2. The climber does only come in the lacecap though the other variety is a vine and grows faster. They can take a few years to establish in a spot but then can really take off nicely with a very natural habit.

  3. I love hostas, such a good idea to have some in pots, sadly the slugs and snails here in england really love to eat hostas, and often leave only a lacy doilly behind!!