Jun 17, 2010

Baptisia australis Wild Blue Indigo

I really love this plant with its blue green foliage that blooms in May and early June.  Native, no pests, no spraying and just lovely. No pruning or staking either.  It stands about two to three feet after it establishes itself..Also it can withstand dry conditions.  I first saw this perennial many years ago at the old JP Morgan estate in Princeton within their perennial gardens.  Indians and later colonists used the plant for a natural dye in clothes.
This picture is after one spring at the carriage house.  It will continue to give me more blooms and pleasure.  Seed pods are developing now which I could use in flower arrangements for inside.

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  1. Yes, but . . . we planted one, were overjoyed by it's color and lovely foliage but it has turned into a monster--HUGE!! Thinking of moving it someplace where it can really spread out. Be warned, the "two to three feet" you mention above is not a guarantee!