Jun 10, 2010

Nomad Pizza and Pots!

I want to share the container pots that I planted at Nomad Pizza today.  I decided to spin off the chartreuse umbrellas and the darling wine colored historic building that serves us all delicious pizza in an artisanal farm to table manner.

My goal is to have these plantings be easy to care for by the owners and enjoyed by all.  I love to think of the structure that is being enhanced and pop color off of it.
Succulents and some annuals will complete this design. I picked some more unusual succulents to give the public the opportunity to see what is possible in their own containers.  Nothing spruces up a welcomed front door, patio, pool or store front like a mini garden in a pot! How much do you love the Nomadic Pizza REO speedwagon truck in the background.  Anyone for pizza this weekend?!

1 comment:

  1. We had a fantastic dinner there last week--and your pots look stunning, truly. Great choices on the container plants--eye catching and perfect for the place.