May 27, 2010

Princeton Pools and Pots of Perennials and Annuals

I planted these today for a client that is looking forward to Memorial Day and parties to come all summer long.  I absolutely love installing container plantings.  They really add so much dimension to a patio around the pool and outside living space.  Butterflies will dance over the pool and perhaps a hummingbird or two.  The most important thing I try to share with a client is to not be afraid of size, the worst mistake is going too small and the statement is lost.  That can truly be the difference between an arrangement and design.  I will change these out  in the late autumn and then again in the winter. These will bloom until frost.

1 comment:

  1. It's so great to see someone who uses containers in all seasons in the North. So often the containers seem to be left empty after Halloween, and there are such great winter combinations! Your client is lucky to have your talent in her garden!