May 21, 2010

Gun Dog and Garden

A dear friend of mine turned me on the the magazine GARDEN&GUN...  It is  published with a true flavor of the South and its culture and gardens.   Three weeks ago my daughter and I rescued a English Springer Spaniel puppy who we have named Lady Millicent.  We call her Millie.  I love the fact that it is an old name from the Middle ages and loved by the British.  The name means "work and strength" so it fits for this working "gun dog".
 She is navigating herself well between the plants and respects her potty to be only in the rocks on the side of the carriage house.   I have been taking her with me to my landscape jobs and she is a fine companion even if she does not know all the names of the plants.
I also give her a cocktail of organic tomato juice in the morning so that she won't burn out anyone's plants or grass.   We hope to see you in the garden, either yours or mine!  Make sure all your peonies are staked NOW!


  1. She is absolutely beautiful!!

  2. Millie is just beautiful! Garden & Gun is a great magazine with lots of surprisingly achievable activities (at least they are still do-able in the South). It's a great source of ideas for one's "bucket list".

  3. Oh Jennifer, This is such a precious picture of your Millie. We are delighted that you came into White Ginger and that we all have so much in common. We will send off the tunics as soon a they come in....

    I will be wandering down the road after Labor Day and would love to keep in touch.

    All Best to you, Fiona and Millie,
    Mary and Katherine