Apr 3, 2010

Transplanting Bulbs in your Princeton Garden and Amend your Soil

Now might be the time for you to think about the autumn for just a moment.. If you have narcisuss that you want moved to another location, mark what they are so that they are ready to be moved in the fall.  It would be smart to tag the different varieties so that you will remember what they are.
I hope that today I can make time to go and get some Espoma Organic Gypsum to loosen my clay soil.
It is not a fertilizer but will add some valuable nutrients and calcium and sulfur to the soil.  I added Mushroom compost to all transplanted perennials.
My camera crashed so I have not taken pictures of the carriage homes garden sprouts.  I will work on that also.
I am getting closer to choosing an English rose that will have strong fragrance for the garden gate.  The variety that I wanted to choose is already GONE!  It looked a lot like a Japanese herbaceous peony so I am back to the drawing board.
My containers that have perennial herbs were left outside last winter are sprouting! As are the perennials in containers. I supplement with annuals but you cannot beat perennials even in your containers to return the following spring!

Simple thoughts of the day.

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