Apr 17, 2010

Faucet Fettish at the Hopewell Carriage House

As I sit and sip Assam Tea I want to share what is going on inside the 1890 Carriage House.  When I purchased this house last April all appliances in the kitchen needed to go.  The dishwasher leaked and the oven was not up to par.  I decided on the Miele Optima series dishwasher. I am a huge fan of this dishwasher, a GE cafe stove with a second oven below and a Fisher Paykel fridge so that freezer can be on the bottom.

The next thing that needs to be done is to change out the sink and faucets.  I decided on Perrins and Rowe faucets from London that are very vintage in polished nickel and no sprayer.  An orginal Shaw farm sink will be put in which is keeping the era of  the house. These sinks have been made since 1897.  I also wanted one for my last house but it did not fit design wise so I waited and I am happy I did.  I believe in working with the bones of a home and respecting its historic place.  So I will not change out the cabinets for a couple of reasons, it's BIG money but more importantly I love the open shelving that is already here and I would put cabinets in that already look like what is here. I do not want a perfect look.  This is a humble carriage house and what is here is already right.

I do hate the tile that is here though. From a distance it might look charming.  Close up it is grungy at best. It is hard to keep clean and it needs to move on.
  What is coming is Calcutta marble.  Carrera is just a bit too safe for me and I love the veining of the Calcutta.  Will show you a quick sample of that.

Here is the Calcutta! I am going to use it as the counters and backslash.  Aren't I fancy?  I think it will look classic, understated and delicious.   I will of course,  keep the maple center island in place for prep work in the kitchen.  So why not have a bit of marble? I will make me immensely happy and I believe it will make the next homeowner happy too someday.

Check out the English faucet..
I love it so much I might sleep with it until installed.

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  1. I lived in a carriage house in Savannah that had been broken into 3 apartments. I wish my carriage house had looked like this! To date that carriage house is the smallest place my husband and I have lived. It came in at under 400 square feet. Even our tin-roof house in rural Panama was bigger.

    Now we are living in an old Victorian that has been broken up into four apartments in NW Indiana. There is a lot more charm going on here and you're inspiring me to make it even more put together.