Apr 18, 2010

Chartreuse and Pink in the Cottage Garden

I have to tell you how much I love chartreuse in the garden and especially in my shade garden! It absolutely pops!  I always pay attention to the home I am designing a garden for because it is important that the foliage and colors work with the home and the architechture.  This property is tight and charming,  so the plan is too almost go over the top with that feeling.  I want the garden to feel almost like you are visiting a dollhouse.  Sweet and dear and not too full of itself with sophistication


  1. We've got some stunning heuchera 'Palace Purple' with 'Golden Heart' dicentra coming up through it. The pink flowers are just starting to open. It's looks amazing in the woodland garden. You are right chartuse and pink are a make-you-look-twice combination.

  2. Chartreuse always makes a garden "Happy" in my mind. It's in every summer container I do; in the winter, I make a point of always adding whites and ice blues, which tend to have that same effect. Your garden is beautiful