Oct 2, 2010

Half Bath Redo with some Marble in Hopewell Carriage House

I am trying to figure out what to do in the half bath in the Carriage House.  The sink that is here now looks like something that you might see in a rest stop with no soap....So do I want to do a console sink, custom vanity or an antique washstand?!? I like pedestals a lot but I really feel I would like a little storage and it is the only thing you will look at while on the pot... So antique or have something built?

The cat did drag this in........It is rather plain but nice and white! I could customize a swank little vanity with Princeton Design Guild.
I found a like minded woman out there.  We love English country, white and traditional in the bath!
More I think about it, the ceiling is really low in this section of the house. Perhaps I should do a undermount sink and use this piece of marble so I have as much counterspace as I can muster up.  Of course,  pick out some English faucets.  So some mod swank with some elegant classic fixtures.

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