Oct 13, 2010

The British Faucets are coming to the Carriage House

I am woman all about the details,  so of course when it came to pick the next set of faucets for downstairs and up,  I went for the best quality. It will make all the difference in enjoyment and quite frankly, durability.
Here is a dismal picture of the sinks to be replaced....Check out the rust... This sink would be sweet to reglaze but not possible because the enamel is gone.  The truth is I need the storage underneath so I am going to do a custom cabinet with a sweet piece of Calacutta marble. It  is from an old lot of marble which means that the Calacutta is very white instead of grey and very deep veining.  The new sink and  the polished nickel British faucet has arrived. I chose another Perrins and Rowe faucet from the Georgian era.
  Princeton Design Guild has measured for the cabinet and drawn a beautiful design that will fit the house and give some storage in a furniture style piece. I need to hide these pipes also.  They are just foul. In this bathroom there is a bear claw tub which is orginal to the house I am sure, which of course will stay.  So I plod on to keep what is good, respect the house within its time period and return quality to added fixtures.
 This sink reminds me of something you might use at a rest stop. Marble top will be fabricated and another custom cabinet will be here. The marble top for upstairs was a remnant so I got a nice deal on it.
I wish I could scan the drawings from Princeton Design Guild to show you what it will look like.  The custom part will be nice for this house because let's face it, everything slopes.
I am simply waiting for their templates so that marble can be cut and then waiting for cabinets to be installed.  Easy process.  I can't wait to show you! I don't think I will ever end up in a house all done. This has been too fun.


  1. Jennifer I had no idea English taps were in such high demand! Shame about the rust on your old sink, I'm sure your new one will look lovely though.

  2. Templates are done so all I need to do is wait for marble to be cut and cabinets to be done.