Sep 8, 2010

Princeton Design Guild Helps with Marble Sill

We are continuing to tweak at the carriage house kitchen.  Today Kevin Wilkes and I played with where the marble sill should come out as the final dressing of the two sink windows. I plan to harbor some ferns on the sill and won't they be pleased.
I have made a little blunder with the polished nickel. I am so  used to cleaning with Bar Keepers Friend for everything. I love it.  Well,  not for the nickel,  so I called Rohl and got costumer service immediately.  Wow! and a live person!  I was given advice on how to polish properly.

I am very happy with the marble. Now that it is in,  it truly brightens this north side kitchen.  Just what it needed.  The marble fabricator used just about everything from the slab so he was kind enough to leave me with three square pieces for fun.  I think I will go back to treating this kitchen with fresh farm flowers on Wednesdays from the Hopewell Farmers Market by the train station.

It is still hot,  yet the season is pushing towards autumn.  Soon enough my own window boxes will be changed to reflect that nod.

Soon enough I will be sharing with you the sink project upstairs.. Rusted out sink from roughly the thirties.  I need to make that more practical with a vanity and a divine piece of stone.  Never forget about searching your stoneyards for remnants. Why go to Lowe's or Home Depot for one pre done when it is just as easy to pick out a remnant of stone and personalize your space?!?  I already have something in mind.

Bottom line - Have a vision, stick to quality, and do the numbers so that you will enjoy what is ultimately a sound investment.   Thank you for sharing in my joy and may I see you in my garden or yours!

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