Sep 2, 2010

Calacatta Gold Extra Marble in the Hopewell Carriage House

Wow! What a day!   Marble has been installed on the countertops. The backsplash will not be done until tomorrow.  It is much better to do this as a two day install.  You will get a much tighter fit and marble is much harder to work with than granite so a lot a praying occured on my end anyway.  So don't let anyone talk you into doing it in one day,  if you are in fact commited to this fine material on the counter and backsplash.  It  really helps brighten up the space and let's face it, it is just YUMMY to look at so might as well go for it! Thank the Lord I don't care about jewelry..  This rocks this space.

Tomorrow the honed marble will be sealed.  Super forgiving when it is honed and much more farm to table feel.  I love it! Wait until you see what I am going to do with the windowsill, notice trim is gone so wait and see!! Princeton Design Guild has been gems to work with on such a project.  They care about detail as much as I do.  Also PDG has come up with a very creative way to utilize the small space beside  the fridge.  Another cabinet with a corkboard.  I love the idea!

We all know how long I have been coveting this faucet and sink.  It really goes back to a carriage house I rented in Princeton.  It has been over fifteen years since then and worth the wait.  I cannot stress enough how a house should not deter you if there are things to do.  I was grateful to make my own decisions.  Late October will be a year and a half in this house and I will be winding down on the projects.  I think I might miss the decisions.

Oh,  and if you think I don't remember where I started with this kitchen, I do!!

I love work working with clients whether inside the house as a realtor or my other hat as a garden designer and helping them see a vision.  In these hard times,  a vision is just what is needed.   If you can pick up a property at a reasonable trade and put a little sweat into it,  the satisfaction is just wonderful and one can come out ahead down the road.  I know I will.  Thanks for following my journey.

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