Dec 17, 2009

Winter Solstice in the Village of Hopewell

As the shortest day of the year approaches, I wanted the folks in the village to feel light as they might walk in the Hopewell boro preserve. It is a simple gesture like this that gives us that feeling of home shared among many. So this year, I decided that one tree was not enough for the new carriage house. This faces the back of the house and sends light over the fields while the garden beds down. The only shrubs holding fast on their own are my English boxwood. The tree is not decorated. It is to celebrate nature in the raw, if you will, and a gift to be simple.


  1. The tree looks beautiful. It's a time of year for lights.

    I came here by way of Blotanical, where you have messages from other members waiting there on your Plot. Perhaps after Christmas you'll find time to read the FAQ under the Help tab on Blotanical which might help you find your way around a little more easily.

    Merry Christmas

  2. You live in a beautiful area and I love your home! I left you a message on Blotanical. Merry Christmas. Pamela

  3. I would also like to welcome you to Blotanical. I love the tree outside. One year we put a tree on our front porch, decorated it with "natural" materials, including cranberry garlands and watch the squirrels enjoy the "free" buffet.

  4. Pretty pretty! Don't know how you do it...I hardly have time to get lights on one tree... Light and life to you, welcoming the rebirth of the Son/Sun.

  5. Lovely.... sparkle = a good thing,
    Happy holidays Jennifer!
    See you on Blotanical?