Dec 4, 2009

Home for the Holidays

During this holiday season it is wonderful to think about decorating with local color and foliage that represents an indigenous and seasonal flair. I absolutely love creating container plantings and unique window boxes for myself and my clients. There is much to be said for simply trimming with evergreens of many varieties, adding some american holly and crabapple branches along with decorative pear branches to make stunning eye candy, even for the birds. Don't forget to add some lovely pine cones. Mine came from a friend in North Carolina who collected them in her yard.

Now a fun thing that I have done for our first year in this house is grace many of the windows with candles, and I brought home two Christmas trees. One is in the back of the property where I have decorated it for all to enjoy when walking in the nearby fields, and one is the front of the house in the kitchen, which I will call the town tree, right on Broad Street to be enjoyed by all. I have also placed a huge, simple wreath in the front of the house. It's nice to be home for the holidays.

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  1. Wow, your pots are fabulous as always. I love this blog, thanks for doing it--makes me feel connected!