Jan 25, 2014


You might ask, "Why should you care about this award?" I will tell you why you should care.  I earned this award by meeting the requirements in the number of transactions and revenue of  10,400,000  million in revenue this year.  I start my days at 6:30 am and can be reached pretty much 24/7 and I LIKE IT. I am officially within the TOP TEN agents of 260 agents with the NUMBER ONE  firm.
I  do not work with an assistant but PREFER to handle my clients and their needs for the reason I was hired.

I have always been competitive in sports and this has translated into my craft.  My career in real estate  started during the recession 2008 and it has made me entirely different type of agent that will be apparent when I am interviewed.

I have many clients that started as a referral and have become friends.   I look forward to sharing my connections with you that will make the process of buying or selling your home seamless.

I chose NOT to part of  a business network referral business that one pays any type of membership fee.  My referrals come to you become they are top flight and have earned the privilege to be part of my team.  They are chosen based on performance, integrity, and swiftness of service.

This is also how I want to be chosen to represent you and your interest.  I am happy to give you references for you to email and/ or talk. Just ask.

Jennifer E. Curtis jcurtis@callawayhenderson.com    609-610-0809


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