May 10, 2011

Spring Perennial Garden in Hopewell Carriage House

Spring is here in Central Jersey!  I love planting Creeping Jenny because of her chartreuse color that pops in the shade and looks wonderful in container pots as it cascades down the sides. It returns every spring  because it is a perennial.

This is only a wee look at some of the containers that I have on my property.  Many,  I plant  dwarf specimen hostas  that return every year and even ferns in some of the pots.

Don't forget to add some things that are special so that visitors will know that they are invited into your space.  Wrens are my most favorite birds for many reasons and it is some folly to see one in the garden all of the time.
Copper sundials hearken back to another time and I take any opportunity I find to place a pot!

Sometimes simplicity is at its best with some violas for spring in an aging pot.

1 comment:

  1. at first picture it looks like mushroom.
    By the way nice collection of pots, I also have lot of pots in my garden but not like you.