Mar 7, 2011

Baldwin Door Knobs and Details

I can't tell you how many times I go into preview a home for a client and notice the little things.   Hardware should be first quality when a seller is bringing a home to market.  It is a bit strange to me to present a home well over the million dollar mark with knobs that are light and ten dollars at best.  A quality knob might run you about fifty or sixty dollars but it is when worth the investment for you as the home owner to enjoy and on the other end when selling, it adds a lasting touch.  If your knobs are scratched up yellow brass keep in mind that many of todays buyers are attracted to satin nickel,  chrome, oil rubbed bronze or polished nickel.
It is an easy thing to change out and can really update your doors and cabinets.
I just changed out all the knobs at the Hopewell Carriage House and put in Baldwin Oil Rubbed Bronze Eggs knobs. Oil Rubbed bronze is a living finish.  Simply put,  it means that over time the finish can change to have some coppery overtones.  It will age the fixture naturally by the oils in your hands touching it over time. This is not a surface for a client that wants everything to look the same.  The bronze will fit my old home and the egg shape will feel not so predictable as a regular knob.  This house is traditional yet I have some contemporary pieces inside.  I wanted a classic feel with a nod to design.

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