Dec 16, 2010

Custom Cabinetry for Hopewell Carriage House

As they say, there is always something to do when you own a house.  Since the master bathroom upstairs is from the 1890 part of the house, I decided to have custom vanity made for the bath.  Let's face it, the house slopes and with all the funky measurements I think this will actually be easier and more lovely.   So here is what the maple pieces look like now..Maple is a hardwood and because this piece with be painted in the shop the grain will not complete for attention. I have a professional architectural draft of what it will look like and I have confidence doing it this way.  It needs to be assembled and then Princeton Design Guild will finish it on their site.  This is the best way to have it done and we will see that in the final piece. Quality is always what is most important to me.  I just don't care about "more" so I hope someday someone else will appreciate the same thing!

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