Aug 19, 2010

Princeton Design Guild Kitchen Gut

As the heat slows down my desire to work on the inside heats up! The carriage house needs a  Shaw
sink fitting its era of 1890 and a  proper Perrins and Rowe English faucet.  I love,  love this design company in England Plain English Design  which really suits this Wren nest.  Simplicity and some timeless elegance.  Since the original beams are still in the kitchen,  anything too fussy would  look ridiculous. The Shaw sinks are popular now though I have loved them for years.
I will keep the open shelving because I love displaying my Burleigh ware and other treasures. It's humble and works with the house.  If you remember the tile that was here, that is what Princeton Design Guild  came to dismantle... That is putting it nicely...Today Kevin came over with his head cabinet maker to give me wonderful options. I will be sticking with a plain Shaker style cabinet to match what is already here.  It is amazing how quickly a kitchen can be taken apart for a redo.  It took them a couple of hours.  And they seem to have taken every bit of dusk with them from the tile. That's it and we are on to the next phase.

Kevin explains everything in a such easy detail;  I have so much confidence working with him.  All I have to say is Calacutta Gold Extra Honed!!!This marble is not safe.  Veins will be throughout and the backsplash will be marble also.The slab I chose does have some very soft gold in it and subtle green. I am a marble girl, what can I say?  A carriage house to me, needs some classic marble. Soapstone might have been a nice option also,  though the kitchen is on the north side of the house. Too dark for my liking for this kitchen.  Yes,  it will need to be cared for a bit and I am just the woman to do it.

 I am very happy to have picked a home that needed some updating or restoring. I get to make all of the decisions and since I know what I like that part is easy.  I also paid close attention to what will make a solid investment, will  give me pleasure, and respect the intregrity of this historic home in the Boro.  The Boro is so close knit that I have had three families tell me when they have lived in this house!

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  1. My kitchen is looking a bit like this atm, builders are gutting it to start an extension. I think having now back wall to the house will be a bit weird. Hopefully it wont be to long now.