Jan 11, 2010

Garden Trends for 2010

Let's talk about what is important in this coming decade to make our outdoor spaces feel like we are moving in positive directions.

First of all, water rain barrels are positive ways to conserve water and return them to our garden beds instead of just allowing water to run off. This is more sustainable and will help your water bill and the environment.

Secondly, with a farm to table movement under way and a true appreciation again for what is local and heirloom, vegatable gardens can be implemented with even the simplest space available. One raised flower box might quench yours needs or even containers can behave as a true garden. I happen to have a deck with which I fill pots with scented polargariums and baby sun gold tomatoes. Many more will be happening with spring. And by the way, pay more for fresh food today so that decades from now we are not caught up in the healthcare system.  Good local food, extended good health.

Thirdly, try going native within your perennial flower beds. Why not stop fighting the environment and simply go with what is happy to thrive in your zone? Examples might be: False Sunflower-Heliopsis helianthoides, Foamflower-Tiarella cordifolia, Indian Grass-Sorghastrum nutans,  or lovely Jack in the Pulpit- Arisaema triphyllum.  Jack in the Pulpit can be seen in the Sourland Mountains. Please never dig a plant out of the woods. None of these will need be to be tended to and once in the ground will perform like loyal loves.

Fourthly, start walking to the farmers markets. Princeton,  the Hopewell Community Organic Farmers market in the Historic Hopewell train station in the borough, Lawrenceville, West Windsor , and Pennington boro all have farmers markets.  Farms like Cherry Grove, Highland Market, Simply Grazin and Solebury Orchards, North Slope Farm, and just a few of my favorites. Get chickens or support your local farmer with free range eggs. Nothing tastes better and chickens free ranging are what gives the egg its flavor and real nutrition. By the way, chickens like baths too.

Fifth trend that I have seen in the last couple years that is still strong is the outside firepit.  Many clients are trading in the vacations for home and hearth while our economy recovers.

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  1. Jennifer, all great advice. Build just one raised bed or begin with just a few vegetables in pots... one step at a time and increase with ones comfort zone. We buy as much as we can locally: eggs, meat, cheese... but vegetables and herbs all come from our beds. We like knowing what is in our food.